Our mission is to create a program in our community that provides continuing education for adults with ASD in critical areas such as daily-living, community participation, vocation, leisure and recreation. We strive to provide the most innovative and effective services to ensure that our members are given the opportunity to continue to pursue and work towards a meaningful, productive, fulfilled happy life.


A child’s 21st birthday is a celebration of the beginning of independent living as an adult. Unfortunately, this is not the case for families of children with ASD. Children with ASD receive services through the public-school system, which are abruptly discontinued after the age of 21. Many adults with ASD have needs that far exceed the resources that are available. There are a limited number of high-quality ABA programs for adults with ASD, and those that are available are at capacity. The quality of life for an adult with ASD should not be limited due to a lack of funding and/or a lack of programs available. Adults with ASD deserve continued support and opportunities to learn important life skills.


Our goal was to open our first program site by September, 2020. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic our opening has been delayed.  However, we stay committed to our mission of creating a continuing education program for adults with ASD.

Stay tuned for updates and announcements. Thank you for your support. Stay safe and well.